Monday, July 02, 2007

Delivery blues hits horses and hounds too.

Here's an account from somebody with serious delivery problems. take a look at the original posting and note the distances being driven to achieve the home delivery - ridiculous!

"Right I have bought a few things off ebay that I really need, some dressage boots, a new neue schule bit, a girth that will actually go round him and some BD tests. I bought these absolutely ages ago all on the same day and paid for them all by paypal. I have a show on sunday and could really do with them, especially the girth! I have been waiting in all last week for them to come as I knew they were recorded and needed a signature. Went out last saturday afternoon as I thought they were not going to come after four. Got in about 6 and found a note saying I had missed the delivery man and I would have to have the 4 items redelivered. Unbelieveable! So I went online and rescheduled them to be delivered on the following Tuesday as I was out on monday. So there I was sat waiting all day tuesday, until it got to 6 o clock. Nothing came, tryed ringing but obviously the office shut at 5 So I rang on the wednesday to ask why my items had not come. She put me on hold for about 20 mins, then came back and said yeh we've got them right here so you want them redelivered???!!! Apparently, they had not checked their online requests for redelivery which is the way you're meant to ask!!!! So I got them resheduled for today, I have sat and sat and waited and replyed to nearly every post on here lol. Just read as I was browsing through the weather forecast, POSTAL STRIKE TODAY. How F**king marvellous, Ohh I am soo annoyed another day wasted completely, now I have no idea when they will show up and I am out tommorrow so i don't think I will get them for my show on sunday! What's even better is that their phone number is not working beacuse nobody is there to even check when my parcel is coming. About 3 weeks ago when I bought these things off ebay I never imagined I would still be waiting for them the day before the show, I actually wanted to use them! I feel like hitting something now then crying LOL I wish I had checked the forecast this morning! This is the reason why have posted so many times today lol! "


  • At 7:18 pm, Anonymous Deanne said…

    Well said.

  • At 12:48 pm, Anonymous parcellink said…

    Most online courier services would allow you to make notes on the booking, you can specify when or where the goods should be delivered. To avoid confusion tese instructions should be clear from the beginning


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